Process & Application

Check out our quick and easy application process. Call us with any questions to get you funded today!


Getting your plumbing equipment financed through Alpine Equipment Funding is easy.

Typically, we can get loan approval on the same day and you can start growing your business immediately.
If you have any questions about our financing process, call us at 1-800-640-8660.
We believe in providing personalized service and someone is always available to answer your call.

1. Print and fill out our easy application or apply online.

2. Submit your completed application via email with a quote for your equipment, the last three month’s recent bank statements, and a profit & loss statement if you can

3. Alpine Equipment Funding will provide a financing proposal for your equipment

4. If you accept our proposal, we will originate all documents immediately via DocuSign

5. Once we receive the completed documents, along with payment for your initial invoice, we will send a purchase authorization for your equipment

6. The initial invoice is the first month’s payment, security deposit that is equal to a monthly payment and a $95 documentation fee

7. If it is a titled vehicle, Alpine Equipment Funding will need to be placed as lienholder on the title


San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Thanks to Alpine Equipment Funding for helping our small business to achieve our goal to improve our services offering water jet cleaning along with rodder cleaning equipment. Local financing agencies did not even take us serious or try to help us, but even though we are outside the USA, Alpine trusted us. The application process was easy, fast and very friendly. Thanks for the little push we needed to success on the plumbing and cleaning challenging field.”  

Nelson Blakeman – City Plumbing – Fresno, CA

Fresno, California

“We can’t say enough good about our experiences with Alpine. Alpine Funding has allowed our company to add equipment needed to not only stay competitive in our market but to offer services that our competitors just don’t have. The application is simple and the process is fast and easy. Most importantly, I can not say enough about the personal service and follow up we have had with Alpine. I can send an email or pick up the phone anytime and get an immediate response. It is more like doing business with a friend then dealing with a bank or other lenders.”

Nampa, Idaho

“Thank you Alpine Equipment Funding for helping me get the equipment I need to keep my company growing.  They are always fast and easy to obtain a loan to purchase new equipment. Quick, easy, knowledgeable, and professional.  I plan on getting more loans through them for anything I plan to purchase in the future.”

Start growing your plumbing business today!